Pakistan & Sri Lanka- 69 years of diplomatic relations


Gōngxǐ fācái – Chinese New Year


Choolo Aasmaan


ABU Award Nomination



Nabeel Tirmazi

Syed Nabeel Hassan Tirmazi, commonly known as Nabeel Tirmazi, is a Media Practitioner from Pakistan. Over the last two decades he has been working in capacity of TV Director, Producer & Writer, Researcher, Anchor and Mentor. Most of his projects are based on behavioral psychology & social sciences.

Travel Diaries

Rohtas Fort

#History has termed #Ghakhars as fearless warriors who ruled #Potohar region for centuries, till Sher Shah Suri snatched the kingdom …
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Mohra Morado

Serenity of self is said to be linked with the Stillness; stillness of mind, body, emotions and soul, which leads …
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Sajda Gah of Lal Shabaz Qalander

Jummah Mubarak..Hadees se marvi hai k jis bhi jaga jao warna Allah k hazoor sajda baja lao takeh woh zameen …
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Kattas Raj Temple

Originally called Katkasha (strings of tears), Kattas Raj holds a very significant place in the history of sub-continent. Vedic Scriptures …
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