Rohtas Fort
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Rohtas Fort

#History has termed #Ghakhars as fearless warriors who ruled #Potohar region for centuries, till Sher Shah Suri snatched the kingdom from Emperor Humayoun in 1540. Sher Shah Suri knew that Ghakhars were allies of #Mughal Empire and would revolt against his reign, so he ordered a garrison fort to be built at a distance of […]

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Mohra Morado

Serenity of self is said to be linked with the Stillness; stillness of mind, body, emotions and soul, which leads one to understand the meaning of Universe with more clarity. It is said that there are five phases of stillness: Silent Meditation: Closing down the portion of mind dedicated to speech Concentration Meditation: The challenge […]


Uber in China

So #UBER & #CAReem is banned in Punjab & Sindh, but do you know Uber is illegal in many other countries too, in my last visit to Beijing, China, me and my international colleagues produced a short documentary on UBER in China, and how Govt. had dealt with this crisis. Although it cant be denied […]

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Travel diaries

Kattas Raj Temple

Originally called Katkasha (strings of tears), Kattas Raj holds a very significant place in the history of sub-continent. Vedic Scriptures reveals an event related to Shiv, whose inconsolable grief at the death of his wife Sati led to a rain of tears which formed a pool of water here. Kattas Raj dates back to 1500 […]


GZDOC 2016

#GzDoc2016 gave me a great opportunity to meet some of the maestros of documentary film making, learnt quite a lot from them, pitched and discussed some ideas, met broadcasters for seeking opportunities for international collaborations for Pakistan Television… So overall tried to made as much impact as I could as documentary filmmaker and representing Pakistan […]

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Choolo Aasmaan

10 years back I used to do a program on Behavioral Psychology along with Sadiq Malik. me being a #Graphologist and he as a #Palmist and the host of the show. Both of us tried to bust various myths and superstitions people had regarding occult sciences.but unfortunately those things still persists even today. Today I […]