Is the world ready to accept “Cyber Sovereignty” concept?

The critics of cyber freedom say that it is a kind of cyber utopianism that Internet favors the oppressed rather than the oppressor. In the past the cyber world was bombarded with various carefully designed propagandas which led to many social imbalances and even hatred amongst societies. Cyber sovereignty is described as governments’ desire to […]

Travel diaries

Visit to Forbidden City

For 500 years the palace remained the symbol of glory for 24 emperors till one day in 1912, the last emperor Pu Yi was arrested by communists, who later died as a gardener. Approximately 7 persons/tourists in every minute on an average weekday now enters #ForbiddenCity…which was named by Chinese astrologists as “Zijin Cheng” meaning […]


National Day of Poland

Did you know that relations between Pakistan & Poland dates back to 40’s when 30,000 Polish refugees came to Karachi after the horrific war in Poland during WW2. On the other hand the support of Polish engineers geological scientists & volunteers during Earth Quake 2005 cant be forgotten These photos were clicked during the National […]