Bulleh Shah


Baba Bulleh Shah (1680-1758), is a shining star of Punjabi Sufi Poetry. His poetry is a great satire on any type of religious orthodoxy. His poetry appeals, as he adopted symbols and metaphors from his surroundings. Baba Bulleh Shah has shown extreme bravery and secularism while writing against the religious bigotry and tyranny of the rulers of his times. Punjabi Poetry of Baba Bulleh Shah consists of Kafian, Dohre, Baranmah, Athwara, Gandhan and Siharfian.



1. Ik Toona Chamba by Javaid Basheer

2. Bullah ki jana mein kon by late Munir Hussain

3. Bullah ki jana mein kon by Javaid Basheer

4. Ni mein jana jogi de naal by Saieen Muhammad Ali

5. Veray aa varh mere by Zahid Khan

6. Tere ishq mein nachaya by Javaid Basheer

7. Uth Jaag Kuraray Mar Naahi by Khawar Khan

8. Sajan Bin Raatan Hoiyan Lambiyaan by Zafar Faridi

9. SajanĀ  Dey Haath Banh Asadi by Javaid Basheer & Akbar Khan

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