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Rohtas Fort

History has termed Ghakhars as fearless warriors who ruled Potohar region for centuries, till Sher Shah Suri snatched the kingdom from Emperor Humayoun in 1540. Sher Shah Suri knew that Ghakhars were allies of Mughal Empire and would revolt against his reign, so he ordered a garrison fort to be built at a distance of […]

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Mohra Morado

Serenity of self is said to be linked with the Stillness; stillness of mind, body, emotions and soul, which leads one to understand the meaning of Universe with more clarity. It is said that there are five phases of stillness: Silent Meditation: Closing down the portion of mind dedicated to speech Concentration Meditation: The challenge […]

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Sajda Gah of Lal Shabaz Qalander

Jummah Mubarak..Hadees se marvi hai k jis bhi jaga jao warna Allah k hazoor sajda baja lao takeh woh zameen Qayamat k din us sajde ki gawahi de sake….lekin kuch sajday us zameen ko munfarid muqam ata kar dete hain , jin mein se aik Hazarat Lal Shahbaz Qalander ki Sajda Gah hai… Historical reference […]

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Kattas Raj Temple

Originally called Katkasha (strings of tears), Kattas Raj holds a very significant place in the history of sub-continent. Vedic Scriptures reveals an event related to Shiv, whose inconsolable grief at the death of his wife Sati led to a rain of tears which formed a pool of water here. Kattas Raj dates back to 1500 […]

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Visit to Khewra Mines

Do you know, word “Salary” comes from the Latin word salarium, which also means “salt.” In ancient Rome, it specifically meant the amount of money allotted to a Roman soldier to buy salt, which was an expensive but essential commodity. So after getting a #raise and a #promotion from #PTV …decided to have a pre-production […]

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Rapelling Adventure

“You can do anything if you aren’t afraid”-DareDevil (2003). Thoroughly impressed with real life super hero, Haider Ali, despite of his blindness he is into extreme sports like mountaineering, rock climbing etc. Recently met Tahir Imran sb to discuss a project with him and he suggested to meet him. On seeing his daring stunts, I […]

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Trembling Paradise

If something is left after the loss of everything, then nothing is lost- Imam Zain ul Abdeen A.S. With a magnitude of 7.6, 2005 earth quake left nearly 87,000 people dead, 74,500 injured and 2.8 million displaced.Traumatized by the death of the loved ones, the people of Azad Kashmir stood up once again to build […]

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Visit to Forbidden City

For 500 years the palace remained the symbol of glory for 24 emperors till one day in 1912, the last emperor Pu Yi was arrested by communists, who later died as a gardener. Approximately 7 persons/tourists in every minute on an average weekday now enters #ForbiddenCity…which was named by Chinese astrologists as “Zijin Cheng” meaning […]