Pakistan & Sri Lanka- 69 years of diplomatic relations

Though diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Sri Lanka has been 69 years long, but the brotherly relations between the people of these two regions dates back to 324 BC when Chanderagupta Maurya, great grandfather of Mahinda Bhikkhu, who spread Buddhism in Sri Lanka (70% of Sri Lankan population is Buddisht) was crowned in Taxila (Now in Pakistan).

During these 69 years, both countries have helped each other in countering terrorism, cultural exchange (Pakistan had produced various movies with the collaboration of Sri Lanka in 80s), bilateral trade etc.

These clicks were taken during the 69th National day of Sri Lanka, observed in Marriott, Islamabad.
R1: Pahatharata Natum Dance, Harvesting Dance,Nabeel Tirmazi with H.E General (Retd) Jayanath Lokuketagodage, Sri Lankan High comissioner to Pakistan
R2: with Arshad Rafiq, with PTV gang of Producers (Home, IR, Global)
R3: Sabaragamuwa Natum, Kandyan Dancers, withNadia Khattak (activist)

69th years of diplomatic relations between Pakistan & Sri Lanka