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Rohtas Fort

History has termed Ghakhars as fearless warriors who ruled Potohar region for centuries, till Sher Shah Suri snatched the kingdom from Emperor Humayoun in 1540. Sher Shah Suri knew that Ghakhars were allies of Mughal Empire and would revolt against his reign, so he ordered a garrison fort to be built at a distance of […]

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Pakistan & Sri Lanka- 69 years of diplomatic relations

Though diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Sri Lanka has been 69 years long, but the brotherly relations between the people of these two regions dates back to 324 BC when Chanderagupta Maurya, great grandfather of Mahinda Bhikkhu, who spread Buddhism in Sri Lanka (70% of Sri Lankan population is Buddisht) was crowned in Taxila (Now […]

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Choolo Aasmaan

10 years back I used to do a program on Behavioral Psychology along with Sadiq Malik. me being a #Graphologist and he as a #Palmist and the host of the show. Both of us tried to bust various myths and superstitions people had regarding occult sciences.but unfortunately those things still persists even today. Today I […]


Freedom may be delayed but not denied

60 years ago a revolt began as a student demonstration against the government of the Hungarian People’s Republic and its Soviet-imposed policies, lasting from 23 October until 10 November 1956.   Over 2,500 Hungarians and 700 Soviet troops were killed in the conflict, and 200,000 Hungarians fled as refugees.  22,000 were sentenced, 13,000 imprisoned, and […]


Is the world ready to accept “Cyber Sovereignty” concept?

The critics of cyber freedom say that it is a kind of cyber utopianism that Internet favors the oppressed rather than the oppressor. In the past the cyber world was bombarded with various carefully designed propagandas which led to many social imbalances and even hatred amongst societies. Cyber sovereignty is described as governments’ desire to […]