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I have always been fan of trainers like Robert Kiyosaki & Donald Trump etc, that also reflected in my program related to economy. One of my program “Maeshatnama” was aired on Apna News from 2008 to 2012, which discussed the business and economy of Pakistan. During this program I managed to create an intelligentsia of economic experts of Pakistan along with my anchor Azhar Bukhari and my mentor Dr. Shahid A. Zia, which resulted in Pakistan’s first webTV on economy named as .

Idea behind Pkeconomists was highly appreciated by the local market as well as international business forums, and it became syndicated partner with renowned Indian media group, Hindustan Times.

Under the banner of Pkeconomists, we became web partner of many corporate event management companies like Nutshell Forum Pakistan, TEC Pakistan, Marketing Association of Pakistan, NPO, also we created content syndication with various business schools of Pakistan. Currently the status of Pkeconomists is halted.

The links of episodes of Maeshatnama & Pkeconomists can be found at:

Snapshots of Pkeconomists and its activities are below: